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wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian):
I'm wondering if it would be possible in a future release (1.6?) to enable the Solarus engine as a Universal Windows App (UWA), which should allow games to be run on XBox One as well as Windows 10. It looks like it would require SDL version 2.0.4 (not sure what Solarus is using currently) and development in Visual Studio 2015. I just think it would be really cool to be able to play our games on XBox!

Xbox is a very popular system. Do you know if this will work for all the Xbox consoles?

Also, I think a major part of what makes games popular is that they can be played on the go. My favorite Gameboy was SP because I liked the flip screen and it could be charged.

Android is very popular for on the go and the DS.

wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian):
This topic is specific to Solarus on Xbox as a technical capability due to the recent release by Microsoft of the Universal Windows Program, not about what systems it would be cool to have Solarus on. I kindly request that this remain on topic.


--- Quote ---Xbox is a very popular system. Do you know if this will work for all the Xbox consoles?
--- End quote ---
That sir is on topic, but I guess it will not be for the 360. The 360 has more console units sold. It was one of the best sellers for consoles too. Furthermore, I implied that "on the go" might be more important to get done. I never said anything about, "what would be cool to have Solarus run on."

I am able to give opinions because this is technically a port. Not all Xbox games are compatible with all the newer Xbox consoles and the next Xbox console will be out in a few years. (xbox 360 (7 years) = 2005 - 2013)

If someone or Christopho wishes to do it, then go for it. This goes for all ports.

wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian):
UWA only works for XBox One. And this would not  be a port, it would be compiling the existing Windows version in such as way that it supports this additional architecture that Microsoft has given us easy access to. It would allow Solarus to work on a console with (hopefully) minimal work on Christopho's part. He's a busy man :)


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