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Full Hyrule Entities pack
« on: June 13, 2016, 11:50:23 PM »
Hi fellow Solarians!  I just finished my entities sheet for Full Hyrule.  It contains a lot of entities that can be connected to the destructables entity object in the map editor.  Here is the image:

Included are:

Bomb Flowers (10)
Bushes (10)
small rocks (4 light, 4 dark)
Skull rocks (4 light, 4 dark)
Vases (4)
Skull Vases (4)
Large rocks (8 light, 8 dark)
Signs (4)

Right now, the doors and bombable walls have not been added, but this pack is a huge start for anyone looking for more variety in making their maps come to life.

Here is the complete pack (zip file)

Full Hyrule Entities Pack v. 1

Happy Mapping!!
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