Mac OSX (El Capitan) problems

Started by VotD, June 11, 2016, 06:24:36 AM

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Hey guys, hoping for someone to shed some light on this.

I downloaded Solarus 1.4.5 for Mac. Like others, I've been having a lot of trouble. The Solarus engine would not run, and the Quest Editor will not recognize created quests.

I've figured out some things already, but I still have some problems.

1. I copied the .dylib and .framework files into the respective places on Mac (/usr/lib and /Library/Frameworks) This allowed the engine to work. So I went on and created a new quest on the editor. At first, the engine did not recognise the new quest and only ran the sample quest. I figured I should copy and replace the sample with the new quest INSIDE the Solarus engine package if I wanted it to run. That worked and now the engine runs the new quest. Of course, this means I have to update the quest's data folder into the Solarus package everytime I want to run the game, but at least it runs it.

2. However, when I open the editor, I cannot figure out how to open my quest at all. I point to the data folder but it gives me an error message saying it found no quest. Am I just missing something? How can I load my quest into the editor?

Thanks a lot!

1. I don't understand why the Mac OS X port is packaged like this. I hope it will be better with 1.5.
2. You need to point to the folder containing the "data" folder, and not to the "data" folder itself.