[UPDATE] Absolute Dungeon Tilesets - Fixed Graphical Error

Started by ffomega, April 06, 2018, 10:22:43 PM

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[UPDATE 04-09-2018]  The following graphical bugs have been addressed:

1. I noticed a graphical error in the tilesets, where the map tags for some of the Kinstones had been accidentally merged with text layers.  This has been fixed.
2. I added non-transparent concave corners to all tilesets for use in the auto-tiles feature, as requested by Chris.  They are all named exactly the same as the originals, except each with a "b" added to the end of each name.
3. Some of the tilesets' graphics were not the correct dimensions.  This was a huge oversight that not only omitted some of the patterns at the bottom of the tileset, but it also had some patterns not properly positioned within the tilesets' images.  This has been fixed.

Please be sure to update your data files and all tilesets.  you can download the entire package in this post below, or download each individual image and/or data file as needed.

Hi guys!! It's been a long time since I've been here, but I decided to do a little tweaking of the dungeon tilesets.  I slightly optimized them a bit and updated the accompanying data files:

As you can see, it's not much of a change, but the semi-transparent floor tiles have been moved next to the original colored floor tiles for convenience.  I also included the 4 colored tilesets Chris asked me to create for him a long time ago for Oni-Link begins: Solarus Edition.  They have been renamed Absolute Dungeon 21-24.  You can download the updated tilesets here

The individual tilesets can be downloaded separately, along with the entities and data files if you like:

http://absolute-hyrule-tutorials.solarus-games.org/download/data/tilesets/Absolute Dungeon 01.tiles.png
http://absolute-hyrule-tutorials.solarus-games.org/download/data/tilesets/Absolute Dungeon 01.entities.png
http://absolute-hyrule-tutorials.solarus-games.org/download/data/tilesets/Absolute Dungeon 01.dat

Just change the number for each tileset you'd like to save

My tilesets page can be found here:

Are the tilesets ready for the 'Autotiles' in the future version of 1.6.0?

That is actually a good question brlmnd.

First, thanks for the absolute dungeon tileset update! I answered on gitter but I copy my answer here:

There is only one thing to improve to make autotiles work really out of the box. They already work (I use them), and by the way I can provide you the updated .dat that defines them
but the thing you should do to improve it is:

Filling the transparent part of these concave corners. Because the auto-tiles algorithm cannot guess that 8 pixels of them should overlap with edges.
However, important thing, can you still keep the current ones (with transparents parts) in the tileset as well? They are still useful in some cases (there was a good reason to make them like this in the first time).
I can provide more details if you want, but basically, for the interior tileset we now want both versions of concave corners.

Well since I made these slight improvements to the tilesets, adding an extra set of concave tiles for use in the autotiles feature shouldn't be a problem.  I will create versions for the higher walls as well as the lower walls.
My tilesets page can be found here:

There has been an update to the tilesets.  Please read the top post for more information.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
My tilesets page can be found here:

ffomega we love your work and appreciate it!

Thanks for everything!

You are awesome!

I am trying to add the titles to a brand new quest, but I'm getting an error, see the picture.

Any idea on how can I fix this?


ffomega, where can we find your package with all tilesets and sprites?

I added border sets to your tilesets (both outside and dungeon tilesets):
- Outside tileset: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solarus-games/solarus-alttp-pack/dev/data/tilesets/out/outside.dat
- Dungeon tilesets: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solarus-games/solarus-alttp-pack/dev/data/tilesets/dungeon/blue.dat

And more importantly, I a am now maintaining your tilesets in the solarus-alttp-pack repository, and people will be able to get them easily with the 1.6 release :)

Thanks a lot Chris! That's awesome and I am honored to have contributed to your project <3  Thank you very much for letting me be a a part of it!!!
My tilesets page can be found here:

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@ffomega Now that your tilesets are properly versioned, we can modify them ourselves without bothering you every time. For example, I added border set information the other day. Next we will fix things like https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus-alttp-pack/issues/16

The important point to remember is that, whenever you want to modify them, you absolutely need to download their latest version here first:
Otherwise, you would update outdated tileset and lose the contributions other people did. This link always point to the latest development version.

By the way, I found your ALTTP map examples that we thought were lost :) They are also in the git repository now.