Tower Defense with Solarus

Started by kibos1er, May 09, 2016, 12:45:44 AM

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May 09, 2016, 12:45:44 AM Last Edit: May 11, 2016, 09:51:20 PM by kibos1er
Hello !

I have started the development of a tower-defense game using Solarus. You can find a short video of the project in its beta version here :

For the moment,

- there is a hub, where the player selects the level he wants to play
- there are 3 example levels, with different enemy waves (with varying enemy's speed, life, number...)
- each enemy has a visible life bar (enemies are only tentacles for the moment)
- the hero can create or erase a tower (only one type of tower for the moment)
- enemies follow a path to the exit
- the number of enemies who have exited is printed on the exit
- everything is written in lua, no change has been made in the solarus engine

The next things I plan to do:

- other towers
- other enemies
- other enemy waves
- other levels
- special items ?
- a pause menu
- a tutorial level
- enemies may drop some items (life, money...)
- the sword should not allow to block the enemies (maybe with a timer between sword hits, or with enemy:set_pushed_back_when_hurt())
- clean and publish the project in a playable state

I thank the authors of the Solarus engine. I have started this project maybe 10 times with different tools, and this is the first time I reach this level of completion, thanks to this nice library.

Feel free to tell me what you think about this.

Update: the project can now be found on github:

(I am not an author) This looks amazing! I would be interested in you sharing it! I could add a link to my Solarus help Project? This could expand into many more quests for the Solarus Engine and others.
Solarus Help Project

I knew that a tower-defense game was possible with Solarus Engine, but I did not know it was possible to display so many enemies in the same time. :o
Very promising project !
In your game, it would be nice to recover some money when you destroyed the towers.
Quote- special items ?
Yes why not, for example, to reduce the cost of towers, or to improve a fire effect or an ice effect according to a specialization.

I have created a github repo for this project, see update on first post. Feel free to browse the code (and to propose patches ?).
I have added two enemies, and I think that I have found a solution to not allow the hero to stop enemies with the sword: on every sword impact, the hero gets pushed back.
The player also gets 5 rupees back when removing a tower. I will now add different towers and start building a tutorial.