Debian repository is down!

Started by Thalassius, April 14, 2016, 12:22:04 AM

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Hi!  :)

Debian repo is off-line and returns an "HttpError429. Some index files failed to download".

PS. The Windows port seems to run OK with Wine.

Bye!  8)
I grow old, ever learning many things. Solon.

This post has a little more Solarus Wine use detail. In case no one could get it to run with Windows 7 wine. The XP option works for my version of wine. Not saying that it can not work with a more recent version. Also, there are some details on how to make a shortcut, save file location, log output, how to make it look nice, and etc.,361.msg1513.html#msg1513
Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS