Any place to keep an eye out for new games?

Started by xenofears, July 04, 2014, 01:32:55 AM

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Topic says it. :)

On a side note, I have a bug I am not sure I reported on Android. Not an issue until the final dungeon, I am pretty sure the lamps did not stay lit as long as they were supposed to. I am not sure it was possible to finish the dungeon. I made it through the paths but there was another spot requiring this. But, I could be wrong.

Thanks again for this amazing game and engine.

You mean how to be informed about our future game(s)? Stay tuned on the news part of the website:

About your bug with timers, we fixed timers precision issues in Solarus 1.2, but the Android version still uses 1.1 (we still have to port it to 1.2).
Actually, it is good news that you went that far on Android. We did not test the whole game (I don't have a smartphone :)) so it is nice to know that the game is playable without other major issues.

Yes otherwise the game was fully playable on Android. A little bit choppy, but I will give it a try on my new phone when you bring in the new version.

Is the new version for android being worked on? I'd love to play it again  ;D