My custom Hyrule tileset. Still a WIP - Ver. 2.0 no .dat file yet

Started by ffomega, March 13, 2016, 05:45:04 PM

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Quote from: brlmnd on April 18, 2016, 01:02:31 AM
We love you ffomega! 8)

AWWW <3 Thanks a lot!  That's very sweet :) Then, as thanks for all the support, here!! xD I'll go ahead and showcase my tileset.  Get ready xD There.....are.....A LOT...of tiles xDD

Again, keep in mind the following:

The data file is still in the works and will not be ready for some time.  As you can see in the tileset, a LOT of work still needs to be done.  The weird blue tiles in semi-transparency are there on purpose.  When I started creating the "snow-capped" tiles for the winter look, I ran into a problem mainly due to my poor vision, and realized that many users with perfect (or even better than mine) vision might also be confused by the simple two-color snow overlay, and I had the idea that, if I simply placed the tiles in the same general area within the tileset, horizontally parallel to the rest, users would understand which ones went where, but then looking at the tileset editor I ran into a big problem, which I actually should bring to Chris' attention:

There is an option within the sprite and item editor to change the color of the MCI background, but there is not an option to change it in the tileset editor, therefore it remains white.  This presents a big problem for the snow tiles since they are mostly an off-white and blend in with the MCI background.  That is the official reason for the blue half transparent tiles, so that *I* can see the snow tiles much easier.  I was going to remove them upon the official release of the tileset but I figured I might as well leave them in as a guide so that there is absolutely no confusion as to where they go.

My tilesets page can be found here:

Wonderful !

Have you planned to add the PZE MC styled castle tileset to this huge tileset ?

I actually considered it.  I had originally planned to add not only the MC castle tiles, but the FSA tiles as well.  The tileset is massive already, and adding them in might require a little bit of relocating of some tiles and resizing the canvas for the tileset.  I was also planning to add in all the custom parallel worlds tiles, but I figured that it was best if just a few of those made it in.  After all, there is a TON of variety already just in the current tileset.  I will give it a lot of thought though (But my mind is already leaning towards yes xD)
My tilesets page can be found here:

[UPDATE] I created a new thread for the updated version of the tileset so that not only can others download a previous version (if they wanted to), but it will be less taxing on others' PCs in case they have older models (like I do).  I actually have three PCs and use two regularly xD I do all my Solarus work on a Windows XP laptop and most of my media related stuff on my Windows 10 desktop, so I understand the need for performance prioritizing.  Please check the new thread for continued updates to this massive tileset.

Thanks again for the support!!!
My tilesets page can be found here: