Just wanted to show you how much I took seriously your suggestion in L&F Office

Started by Metalloman, February 26, 2016, 09:16:38 AM

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Hi guys!

I recently discovered this site and your beautiful fan games of Legend of Zelda.
I've really enjoyed LoZ: Mystery of Solarus DX, it took me back in time and it has a real A Link to the Past feeling whick I loved.

However, I'm now digging LoZ:MoS XD and I have to say that you really have done well: It took me hours to complete that damn Lost & Found Office dungeon, and I had mixed emotions of fun (laughing at your parody of a statal office) and frustration (which it was of course intended by you), wandering in confusion until I re-read the first signpost and said: "F*** this, let's do it like the old good times!".
I took out pen and paper and started to draw a map (SPOILER!! - Dropbox link, as it is too large); even there, it wasn't simple to districate myself in that "bureaucratic" maze, but I made it, finally!

This game has a good load of classy touches and that allowed me to pass on frustration so I wanted to give my compliments to the authors of this game and the other Solarus engine games I'm enjoying so much!

Finally I'm now stuck in Ganon's dungeon (of course) and I hope that if I'll end giving up in frustration there will be someone here that could lend a hand helping me, because I realize that drawing a map of that dungeon will be too chaotic, even if there is a in-game map, this time ("and cry when you realize how big is this dungeon" eheheh).

Well done, guys, well done!  ;D

Thanks for the compliments!
And very nice work with this map of the Lost and Found Office!

Ahahah, thanks Cristopho!
That was just a rushed sketch, I like drawing maps!  ;D

Anyway, this is the time I foretold: I'm stuck in the final dungeon and, after hours without coming to a solution, I would be glad if someone here could help me.

A PM would be appreciated, as I don't want to come to details here to avoid spoilers.

Many thanks in advance!

Damn, I feel stupid! I had the solution under my eyes! (really, I have written it)
Now I feel ashamed to have asked for help! :-[

Anyway: Nice game, my compliments Metallizer and Cristopho for these damn dungeons! :D

And yes, you're sadistic! ;D ;)

Thanks for these games!

Ooff, yeah, oh, yeah. I remember the Lost&Found Office. Boy, it was a long time ago since I last played this game ...

But yeah, the key to solving this is to take notes and write down everything because there is so much you must remember. I don't think I drew an entire map (maybe a very rough one, but DEFINITELY not as detailed as yours), but I did write down where I could trade items, where items were wanted, where to find each "office", person or sign, what the signs said, etc. My notes are long lost since ...

Yeah, it was a real chore to solve the dungeon, but I did not want to give up. :P

But the 2nd dungeon was almost equally insane, but for entirely different reasons.

It's amazing how this April Fool's "joke" is still a real playable game. I was surprised how much work was put into this parody game.