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I've always been interested in random /  / procedurally map generation.  A major feature in rogue likes (see NetHack).
And since I've always loved Link to the Past, I'd thought I'd try to merge the new genres together.
Yeah, not easy.

Lacking any real direction, I just jumped in and started hacking on stuff.

My first change is supporting strings as tile ids.
Its backwards compatible so integers (in existing quests and output from quest editor) will still work.

Git Repo:
Please remember to use the red-solarus branch!

Note that I haven't used C++ in a very long time and only the second time I've used Lua so I may have made some mistakes.

My next task is to actually play ZSDX to get a better feel for the engine (no really).
Then to build another sample quest with multiple maps, still static.
And so on.


String tile ids are a nice change. It will help users modify tilesets more easily without breaking maps. The hard work is to update the editor to support them though :)

To make dynamic maps, you can use the file API. It allows you load data files from the saves directory instead of from the ususal data directory.

This is certainly an interesting idea! I'm starting an MComp (like a masters) degree in Games Computing in September, and seeing as most of my research has been around procedural content generation I wanted to continue with it. I was looking to explore how to use searched based procedural content generation in order to evolve my levels, and perhaps how to adapt them for individual players. I was considering Solarus as a platform to implement and test my ideas on, and I find this post!

Hey, hkeeble!
If you want, just send me your pubic ssh key and I'll set you up in the red-solarus project.
I'll probably work at a much slower pace than you'll need for your research but maybe it will be useful.

At the moment I'm working on the editor changes that Christopho suggested.  Should be finished in a week or so.  Real life =)

From what I seen so far, it will be easiest to start with plain old rooms and hallways and spawn monsters based off of the players health level. But don't let me stop you.

tinyweldingtorch at gmail dot com

tinyweldingtorch: I merged your change in a branch string_tile_id:
I simplified some code, in particular I removed unnecessary int to string conversions from Lua.
And I started to update the editor in that branch. The editor works with string tile ids now. The GUI does not allow to change them yet (it continues to generate auto-incremented ids). But I think it will be done very soon, possibly tonight. Stay tuned!


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