Lakebed Tileset for Solarus

Started by ffomega, February 26, 2016, 02:26:48 AM

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Hi guys! I thought I would submit some tiles for Solarus. 
These tiles are based on a concept I had in the Project Zelda Engine that SilentResident accepted as a resource for making world maps. In the future I will redesign those tiles to work with Solarus, but for now I am taking that idea one step further:

"Lakebed Tiles"

As the name implies, these tiles are placed on areas where you want to have underwater areas to explore.  I have included these tiles in this post.  They are exactly the same as regular mountain tiles, except these are an alpha transparency of the mountain tiles.  This allows you to make explorable lake bed areas.  Please cite me if used :)

Please tell me what you think.  I look forward to your feedback <3
My tilesets page can be found here:

Very good tutorials, in fact, the forum need a "tutorial" section.

For the iron boot thing it is very simple to do (assuming that the boots are item like in Wind Waker).

- First start a movement on the hero that makes him slowly going underwater (mostly for eye-candy effect).
- set the hero on the ground bellow through set_position.
- slow down it's speed.
- activate underwater related entities.
- play a timer that simulate footsteps while underwater.

Thanks :) I often wonder if my tutorials will be well-received because they always get mixed responses.  Some say they are too elaborate, while others say they make the reader feel like they're stupid. xD

I learn best through visual and commentative means.  In fact, the best way for me to learn this day and age is to watch a video with commentary on Youtube, like the videos Chrostopho created for Solarus (Looking forward to more English tutorials from him btw, but I think he said in another post that he wants to re-release dual language tutorials once Solarus 1.5 is released).

At any rate, I try to present my tutorials in a way that you feel like you are watching a video.  You are presented with the instructions and accompanying screenshots.  When I took PowerPoint, webpage design, and Office Suite classes in my earlier college days, my instructors were impressed by the way I presented tutorials, I even salvaged an otherwise bad grade in one of my classes by showing the class how to make a screen saver using Clickteam Fusion (It was still Multimedia Fusion 1.0, and still under ownership of the company iMSI at the time).  My presentation unintentionally turned into a sales pitch and convinced a few students to purchase the product themselves xD

Since then, I have always felt that this was the best format for creating non-video tutorials. :)
My tilesets page can be found here: