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Greetings! I'm gonna upload some of my (unfinished) sprites to devianart.
It may take between 1 and 3 years of work until I have finished all of this since I am doing this in my free time as a hobby.
You can download them from here:
but you need to have a devianart account and login there to see images.

At present I have only uploaded a few sprite sheets, but I will keep uploading things from time to time. These sprites will probably be used for the game "Children of Solarus" of the Solarus Team.

This was the first version for the sprite of my second character, the archer.
(In my game she will be called Robyne Alabaster, and she will probably be a princess too, although I have not written that part of the plot yet.) The other missing sprite animations of this hero are still part of the work to do.

This sprite could be used to replace princess Zelda sprites in the game "Children of Solarus" if Christopho and the Solarus team agree.

I really like your little character Edgar, but I think he needs more chromatic unity.
I mean not using too much bright colors, and too many colors. What do you think of my take on your character?

Edit: I see I forgot the golden line on the coat in the second line, it should be there, it is a mistake!

Wow!!! This is awesome!!!! :D
You are right about the colors. I still have a lot to learn...
We should use the improved versions for our projects.

Edit: yes, that yellow line is missing. But just symmetry of the right direction will do it.

Whenever you modify any sprite, make sure you use the last version, which is the best one. (The one you used is the last one, and all the others in the sample quest are the last versions too, so it is ok.)


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