[Releases] Include players for each OS in every release

Started by darkhog, February 04, 2016, 02:32:06 PM

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This way if I want to make game playable or linux/windows/osx I don't have to redownload Solarus just to get player executable.

You mean one single download for all operating systems?

No, only player executables (solarus_run.exe, etc.) for all OSes in every release. Say I am making game on Windows. But I want to have it playable on Linux and OSX as well. So I have to redownload solarus for OSX/Linux, including OSX/Linux editor (for which I don't have use) just to extract player executable and put along my game.

So downloads would stay separate as each one would have editor only appropriate for that specific OS, but all would have player executables for all possible OSes.

It's against every usage of the downloadable application of the world, isn't it ? I mean, there is not a lot of users having dual boot or multiple OS, so for you, it's better to make a release heavier with often two executables program you will never use, just for the case of the little part of people who have two OS and that you would not download for each OS the engine ?

I think Solarus must stay as it is for this part : one download by OS.

But, if you make a game and want to make it with this strange behaviour, then you are free to do it : you put all versions in your quest directory (the data folder), you zip it, and you can let people download the too heavy archive without problem :)

Well, runner is same everywhere, no? So I don't have to dualboot to make a game. However inclusion of runners for all of the OS-es (NOT editor, the editor can stay single for OS you're dling solarus for) allows you to make game that will run for anyone given he or she has one of supported systems. I have a strong feeling we're hitting lagnuage barrier here.

I think you mean you would like to be able to create a package {engine + game data} for any OS from the Quest Editor, am I correct ?

Yes, I think I don't understand what you means by "runner".

For me, the runner is the program called "Solarus.exe" on Windows, and "solarus-run" on Unix (and probably Mac?). And even if this program is kind of light (the engine is not the heaviest game engine I saw :) ), I don't see the interest to include both of them in one archive.

The quest is already accessible for all of the OS-es. So you still can work on an OS, boot up on another and work on it too. The only thing OS-specific is the program, and as I said, I don't see the point to distribute all the programs versions for each OS-es, again because a lot of people don't care to get OS they don't have.