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Started by Tulk, January 15, 2016, 11:35:24 PM

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You should re-download the Quest Editor / solarus executable and re-delete the folder in /user/.solarus


  • What is your operating system?
  • Where comes from your 'data' directory?   I guess it comes from an english tutorial but which one?
  • Original version of Solarus : ?  In your first post, you wrote "This quest is made for Solarus 0.9 but you are running Solarus 1.4.5", so I guess it was a 0.9.
  • I tested your project and I also have this message loading your project: 'Error: Error in string data file: [string "text/strings.dat"]:10: attempt to call global 'dialog' (a nil value)'.
    I think you made something wrong converting your project. When I open the 'data/languages/en/text/strings.dat' file of your project, the content is not correct, because according to me, it should not contain "Dialogs show when the hero obtains a treasure". I deleted the content of this file and I had no more error in the console.
  • There is also a problem with the game_manager:create("save1.dat") but I don't know why :(
    There is no error in the console.

  • I said you to rename your directory named '$HOME/.solarus/tuto_quest_en' into '$HOME/.solarus/tuto_quest_en_old'
    (or  for Windows, '%UserProfile%\.solarus\tuto_quest_en' into '%UserProfile%\.solarus\tuto_quest_en_old' ),
    not  'write_dir = "tuto_quest_en" into 'write_dir = "tuto_quest_en_old".
    OK now it does not matter, when we started your quest, a 'tuto_quest_en_old' is created in our  '$HOME/.solarus/.

  • I think you have a useless subdirectory named 'data' in your directory named 'data'. In other words, another project without maps in your project. Delete this directory will not solve your problem, but it will be cleaner.

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Windows 7 - 32 bit.
Data Directory of the ... I did not understand this part
Original Versus? What? Isn't free? I did download the newest version.
Now I see the Save! But, how can I put the folder of .solarus into Solarus of Desktop to work? I wanted that save game work on directory of Desktop\Solarus, not .Solarus. Has do?

No, you don't need to move the .solarus folder.
Open this folder and delete all folders that has any relation to your project.
Re-open the Quest Editor

If that doesn't fix the thing then this is really weird ...

write_dir should be set to a simple name like "tuto_quest_en", and should not have special characters like '\'.
In your quest.dat, there is no problem.

Thanks for Help!
Now I wanted to know some things. When I save the game, the player always starts on front of the house door. How do I start the player from where saved?
Second, when I enter somewhere (house, cave, dungeon, etc) and leave out of these place, the chests, grasses, etc isn't used as. Need to open again, or destroy it. How do I have counted as used?