I really want to Let's Play this, but... There's a major bug.

Started by Horikawa Otane, November 17, 2015, 10:05:19 AM

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I'm a relatively popular-ish Let's Player and I'd like to, if I can, show off the Solarus Engine and the ROTH remake. I'll also link back here to hopefully bring you some more people interested in developing with it. It seems really robust.

However, I cannot use my joystick (an XBox One controller) with it. Even with joy2key the dpad doesn't get recognised. This ruins my ability to Let's Play it.

I really want to do this game, but I need a fix before I can.

Hi again!
I still have to fix a few remaining bugs, then the new release supporting joypad customization will be available. I need a few more days of work. Thanks for your future let's play anyway!