[Suggestion] The ability to make certain tiles not selectable by ctrl.

Started by YoshiMario2000, October 21, 2015, 02:42:22 AM

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What I'm saying to have an option when your holding Ctrl down to not select certain tiles when mutiselecting due to misclicks,
or have the click and drag function not select certain tiles for the ease of map editing, and not by dragging it to a different area.

Example: editing a large map with a hole in the background that a tile,
I want to use the layer that the hole is in while still not having to move it if I want to select multiple things at once.
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You can desactivate a entity / layer on the Quest Editor

that mean, if your hole is on 1st layer, and the ground on the 2nd,or if there is a entity on the hole desactivate the 1st one and the entities, and ctrl select everything.
or, just ctrl all the things and on the tile you want to deselect, hold down CTRL again and deselect it, simple