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Started by MetalZelda, October 13, 2015, 03:10:54 PM

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This is a port of a old running fan game I was developping in the past 4 years in RPG Maker XP, and I succeed to get to it's limit, so I discovered Solarus and so I decided to port the game on this engine with amelioration, gameplay and mapping wise.
There is still not so much to show yet, as I am mostly porting the tilesets /  musics and remaking every maps, there are some finished maps with working stuffs currently.
Here's a sneek peak.

Water Temple, everyone loves Water Temple right ?
The blue bar is sort of "life bar" while plunging, if the bar is empty while being under water, without the Zora tunic, you'll drawn and insta death, the bar replenishes itself when you're out of the water, instantly after surfacing if you have the zora tunic watchout for that. The lengh of the bar depend on which version of flippers you have.

This dugeon was cut in the RPG Maker version due to layers and eventing limitation, it is returning in the Solarus version.

Exterior graphic
Castle Entrance with a nice bug, the water bar spawn whereas it shouldn't spawn here, same as the bars

Deep in the woods

Some village

Some place from previous Zelda games are presents (the Sanctuary from ALTTP) but showing them while they does already exist is a non-sense

I'll update some info soon.

Some ressources comes from wrightmat's project atm, I'm using and modifying some of his thing to learn and to save time (mostly the reconvertion of the stamina to a alternate life bar)
Graphics are from Parallel Worlds + mods, Solarus, various Zelda and Nintendo, some are personnal

I knew your "life bar" sounded/looked familiar ;)

This is looking really good - great work!

I like those cloud shadows of your game. It's a cool effect and seems easy to do with surfaces.  :)
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Quote from: Diarandor on October 14, 2015, 10:59:09 PM
I like those cloud shadows of your game. It's a cool effect and seems easy to do with surfaces.  :)

Yeah it's quite easy to put in game and to make it scroll, the hardest thing is to make the surfae repeating itself, the lost wood one is the easiest because it's a static surface. This is just temporary at the moment, it will be totally replaced (I hope) by a dynamic generated cloud surface in the WIP weather script. Or the non-cannonial solution is to wait until Solarus allows shaders, but this is (maybe) gonna take a while before Solarus have Shader support

Quote from: wrightmat on October 14, 2015, 02:06:07 PM
I knew your "life bar" sounded/looked familiar ;)
This is looking really good - great work!

It does look the same but it was repurposed for something else. ^^


Beside, the Elementary arrows (Fire, Ice, Light) are on the way, they are still in the experimental work, but I'm whilling to add these to the engine, they will work the same way as Wind Waker do.
That being said, the bow will have a new mechanic, comparable to the 3d Zelda, or FSA, user will get the possibility to switch between elemental arrows with a key before arming the bow
The pic bellow is a mockup, it will look like this when it will be finished, the Hookshot will have this mechanic as well

Week Pic Update :

We are inside of the Hyrule Castle, which would give player some time to be confortable with, the castle would be the starting point and the finishing point of the game, the entrance would likely ressemble to Minish Cap with some addition such as additionnal stair bridge (like the pic above). and then you will be in a courtyard where you can go to 4 ways, though it is not the longest dungeon of the game yet (Earth Temple is by far the longest dungeon planned).

The blue square in the pic is the minimap system, which I need to finish.

Week Update : Here are some enhancement make so far.

This is the Tower of Spirits, dungeon made in 2 parts, one of which will consist of seeking spirits to open another path, kinda like Twilight Princess' Arbiter Grounds.
Within this screen, you can also see the newly added ennemy in the game (and my first one) : the Darknut, it works like Minish Cap and use Wind Waker's actor  sounds, it is used as a Miniboss and in some dugeons as regular ennemies. And the reworked boss door which works the same way than OOT/MC.

The tileset looks like garbage and will be re-worked again because of bad resize format / method of resize used.

Update : Today I was able to work on the Fire Rod and successfully extended it to be Four Sword Adventure like (moving, burn stuffs and repeating fire stream).
The code that I used for making it is from Return of the Hylian SE and the Ice rod is on the my sight.

(The video was recorded with a nice (and hopefully) fixed issue where the .dat shouldn't be saved for some unknown reason so Link didn't had any "moving" animation when the video was recorded.)

Update : Finally managed to disable the spin attack and make it a sword skill.

You can see the result here :

How does that work? Did you have to script an entirely new sword or is there any other way?

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You can disable the spin attack by passing through quest_manager

This is how it's done:

first, you need to declare the map metatable so it's global to all map of the game.
second, add a function map_metatable:on_update()
and then add in this

Code (lua) Select
  if self:get_hero():get_state() == "sword loading" then
   if not self:get_game():get_value("skill_spin_attack") then

It's as simple as that, if you want to do a skill thing then you have to program an item where on_obtaining() classifie all skills variant and set the skill value to true to work.
You can replace get_value to whatever you want (an item is the best example if you want to show this in the inventory, the get_value() is an example).

Then for the trainer, you'll need to custom entity him. Making him a default map entity (coded through x.lua aka the script of a map) would enable the spin attack by default which is not the desired effect.

Yes this is a clever hack because normally the engine does not allow to disable the spin attack :) (this should get fixed some day)

Thank you a lot! You are a genius ;D

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A little update before 2015 ends.

The pause menu is 100% completed, from items to the Quest status subscreen with the Equipment subscreen
(shame that there's no "spoil" button tbh)

This is the new Quest Status subscreen, which I added various things such as Sword Skills display and Ocarina songs, the cursor is dynamically resized depending on the position, player have the ability to have a preview of the song like OOT and M'sM does (but you can't reproduce the song, it's too much work, you can just look at the partition and play it by pressing "action", the script does the rest)

You can also have some informations like the Item descriptions

The second (and new) screen is the Equipment subscreen, which does act a bit like OOT, you can choose what tunic you can wear and the sprite of Link in the middle display it's current arsenal, the tunics in the game act differently (fire resistance, longer diving) as opposed to ALTTP.

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The Resoures are pretty louse in sprites....   ???
Can you please add more sprites and a main.lua file beacause I want to
use your resoures in my game :D
You know that nearly all of use strugled once
with RPG maker. But now we make with
Solarus! 8)

Oh and if I remember the resoures don`t have tilesets :o
You know that nearly all of use strugled once
with RPG maker. But now we make with
Solarus! 8)