Id like to create book to help beginners about solarus editor

Started by 20degree, September 06, 2015, 06:35:39 PM

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Quote from: Neovyse on September 13, 2015, 11:43:09 AM
Yes Adobe InDesign would be the best :) But it's really expensive. I've never really tried Scribus. The last time I tried, it was not really handy. Do you use it ?
Never tried Scribus. I do use Indesign, it's part of my job ^^

Quote from: Zeror on September 13, 2015, 02:23:01 PM
Never tried Scribus. I do use Indesign, it's part of my job ^^
So I have to ask you some questions about it. I use it as an amateur and try learning it by myself, and I was wondering if you can automatically import text in text boxes, for files, or something like this ?

I'd still just use LibreOffice or Google Drive.

The book could always be CC0 Public domain or any other free license. That way anyone can make any version or do whatever they want with it.

Honestly, maybe a Game made with Solarus to teach Solarus?

Anything I do will be CC-BY 3.0 because for a successful crowdfunding......I think more free assets will need to be made or collected for Solarus. Even though....I have been spamming Christopho with free assets I find online.  ;D

I suggested a competition on another post. Maybe a crowdfunding book will be a success if  free tilesets, sprites, and audio came with it. I'd throw money at it. Possibly with a game that teaches people how to use Solarus.  Maybe even video tutorials to go with the book.

I am pretty sure it "can" happen if we all get together.

Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

I still try to download MikTek, the monthly bandwith of a person that i know is very limited. Because it can upload and download some amount each month. That's why i try to use a free wifi connexion. But sometimes the wifi stop and most times it say the server from where the files are downloaded stop or freeze.

I have seen how to download with the instructions you have givin. Its a good think you have indicated the link to the instructions to download the MikTex. Because the file on MikTek homepage it self is a file of 170mb if i remember and is the basic. But the instructions say you should have some MikTek Net installation. So ive done a search and have find the MikTek Net Installation from the official website. Then the instruction say to download and choose the option "Complete" because the Basic is not much good and is better the Complete Download. That's why it take my self some time to download the soft. I still have not the file from Canada server, so i choose an other one.

I wonder if some peoples could download it "the complete" for me all the files and put it in some folder. Then put the folder into a zip file, but the folder make it separated into multiple parts; as 200MB each file? Like some zip files that have like:,,; etc etc. That each parts would be as on the site Then for each file give me the direct link to "Part00", "Part01", well i think youve got the picture. By double-clicking on the first part, it then "recompile it self" and the files in the folder is beeing put back together. But what is the most important for me, is that there is no bad intentions "virus and others". Briefly an honest person.

It's a good thing i'm a beginner, with the soft Solarus and i dont know the programming language Lua. I still do believe in the potential of Solarus and want to make the peoples know the Solarus software and the peoples that have participated and put there time into it. I'm known as explaining things in ways that are easy for all to understand. If you have looked at my old free pdf guides about the software Futurepinball and autorized, i'm sure you have notice that i explain quite very well things. This talent i have can bring more peoples interested in Solarus.

If some peoples wander if it is true that i have the rights for creating these old free pdf guides, well i'm simply gonna tell that you simply go at: Going down from this page you should see in yellow-orange color the tile "who is online". Just below you see in tiny the text "Administrators" and you notice that the word is in "Red Color". Then you go check this link: You should notice the section "Beginner Tutorial by 20degree", but what is most important is that you notice the "Author" who have made this post. The color of the author name is "Red Colored". So you know it is one of the administrators that have put it for me. Also if you look at the author name "TheNalex" it is one of the administrators, that also is an administrator of

Just mentionned it "briefly giving me some credits" in case if some peoples wonder if it is true that i do have the autorizations from peoples of:,,, the president Ton Roosendaal from, the president Mete Ciragan from, and others.

I really want to help with the Solarus, well honestly i'll try my best; even with my ways of life (groceries, paying bills, etc). Id like to have for my self and to give to others a free pdf guide for beginners that explain the Solarus software. I have always also wanted to create my own Zelda style game to play and make play others. I had even think about this game but not much. The story is that the devil was once again captured, but 100 years later have find again an opening, but the opening go to the world of Rick (wich would be the cousin of Link). I even have made a plan of 9 squares horizontal by 9 vertical ("the world" indicating the position of the vilages and castles place) where the player can and can not pass from one square to the other. The old Nintendo Zelda 1, the player could some times go in the 4 directions to the next square frame and some times less.

As i say i cant without your help do the free pdf guide, and once again a very big thank's to all!


I don't want to discourage you, but the first you need to do is to learn Lua and then make a game with Solarus, you can't seriously start a book if you are a newcomer.

I totally agree with you Christopho  ;) that's why i would like to learn things and at the same time write the things ive learned into the pdf book. That's why i think to write things as: "What is the Solarus Software", "Where can i download this software". Later on show the interface of the Solarus Editor in some pages, then explain as "What files can be used"; "What can i put into some corresponding folder" and so on. Really each step by step. I can still trough time by learning Lua make some other free pdf guides, as new edition that could replace previous guides.

Also you Christopho and others could tell me what would be better to write and to explain. Put also into the pages your own knowledges and experiences. I have also think that it could be great with the OpenArtist files, put some links to some files and make beginners do some step by step exercises. As the reader create a caracter and in the book it explain things as, how to make it move up-down-left-right. How to make the caracter move on some map. How to make some map things that can be pass trough and some not. How to make items as chess on some map and script. Briefly some "How to do this and that" free pdf guide for beginners.

I know i have still much to learn, by checking the youtube videos and reading the text. I'm sure "together" we could create a fantastic and easy to learn free pdf guide.


This is a simple message for the administrators. I was wandering if i could do simply some printscreens of the "Solarus-Games" and the "Zelda Solarus". I ask by respect of copyrights. I have think it could be a good idea as the tutorial youtube video 1, that have shown both websites. Putting some images of these websites into the pages and writing the Url, could possibly be a good idea. I want to respect in every ways, that's why i ask for permissions; and i dont want to be some person that would do printscreens without autorizations.

Well just letting the administrators know about it. If it's ok?

I still try to have MikTek, but its hard. I also have downloaded the Basic and try to install and got an error saying some errors, wich i googled and find i'm not the only one that see:
problem: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/bin\MiKTeX209-core-PS.dll does not exist
problem: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/bin\MiKTeX209-core.dll does not exist
problem: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/bin\MiKTeX209-packagemanager-PS.dll does not exist
problem: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/bin\MiKTeX209-packagemanager.dll does not exist

A lot of comments from peoples say, it is some how them who have done the files, that have made somme errors.

Thank's for your time. A+

Just letting peoples know that my 3 pages free pdf guide, has become 7 pages today. It still need much more to do, but just want to share the link. Also that it is important for my self to know if it respect the peoples of Solarus?

From time trough time, i'm gonna let peoples know the progress made; this to be sure if it also respect. Note that it is an unfinished free pdf guide. It's done with LibreOffice.

Thank's to all!


Your french video tutorial are great, have not seen much till now. Dont want to charm, but i like it's french accent. Wonder who it is? I like the video tutorials. Only thing i had to do so Solarus accept the files is change the "quest.dat (version 1.2) and with notepad++ change to (version 1.4)" It's sad that some peoples destroy this language.

I have notice that for the music files type. I wonder if there is a free legal software to edit or to convert to the music files type ( it )? Because in the book i'm putting some links to some sites like (audacity, gimp, notepadd++, etc). But wonder if there is a soft for ( it ) files, that is free and legal? Briefly sites that have free softwares for creating or converting files that can be used by Solarus Game Engine Editor and legal.

Thank's for your time and your suggestions. A+

Christopho sounds very kind and cheery in the English tutorials, but in the French tutorials he sounds benevolent and mature with a flare of charm. (It won't be a surprise if he get all the ladies)

The free audio format that should be used is .ogg. (It is open source and works with Solarus) Freemake is a great converter for windows.

Freemake has more converters for windows too.

If you are looking for an audio editor, then Audacity is definitely the way to go, but if you want to make music with soundfonts, then you should is LMMS which is free too.
Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

Quote from: zutokaza on September 23, 2015, 02:43:23 AM
Christopho sounds very kind and cheery in the English tutorials, but in the French tutorials he sounds benevolent and mature with a flare of charm. (It won't be a surprise if he get all the ladies)

Ok it's Christopho, well nice french accent man.

Thank's for the links ill add them to the free pdf guide.

Now i'm playing Solarus DX, it help my self visualise more the software; this beside the tutorials. I have reached some flaming head that i have entered, because of 3 flamming stones. I try the game mostly without looking the walktrough guide. Ive got to say that the person(s) that created this game must have some "puzzling mind" hihihi.

I have not tryed the Android Solarus APK. It could be great if the Solarus Game Engine could export also to Android APK version 4.2 minimum; because ive notice that most Android Tablet OS that are sold in my country and some other country has a mimimum of version 4.2. What i suggest if it would export your Zelda Solarus Style game, the game should be as panoramic view, like the portable game console PSP.

I have notice that most touch screen tablet (phones and android) can only handle the touching of two places at the same time. So a game like the old Nintendo Super Mario Bros 1, when he move, run and jump (wich is 3 buttons at the same time) could not work on Android Tablet. I even have tryed some free emulators and tryed games that needed 3 buttons pressed at the same time and notice it dont work. So the Android Tablet can only notice two fingers pressed on the screen at the same time.

If in a new free Solarus Game Engine it could also compact and export to an "Android APK File". Like i say the game should be as panoramic. But for the controls, this is real important (by my own experience and maybe yours); the types of controls and buttons it should have. For controlling the player it should have a joystick at the bottom corner on the left, something like: But it is a white big semi-transparent circle (no yellow or color into), with some little auto-centered white circle (replacing the red colored example).

For the buttons, i suggest that you play the game on google play "Swordigo" The button on the keyboard "C" should be placed in the corner right at the bottom. The button "X" should be placed also at the bottom, but on the left of the the "C" button. The button "V" should be placed (above) the button "C" on the total right. The button "Spacebar" should be placed above the button "X" and on the left side of the button "V". On the keyboard the "D" button on an android should be placed at the top of the screen in the middle.

So if you look at the google play android game "Swordigo", the rectangle that have a sword is the button "X" of Solarus. The Swordigo rectangle that show some "swirling arrow" at the bottom corner in right, in Solarus this button would be the "C". I think you figure out the rest.

This could be a great control interface covering the game made with Solarus Game Engine for the Android Tablets. Yup great that Solarus could also create android "APK file" with an control interface as this. Could bring much more peoples here!

Again thank's for your time and help.


Quote from: Christopho on September 23, 2015, 10:57:42 AM
Quote from: zutokaza on September 23, 2015, 02:43:23 AM
Christopho sounds very kind and cheery in the English tutorials, but in the French tutorials he sounds benevolent and mature with a flare of charm. (It won't be a surprise if he get all the ladies)

I knew it  :D

Isn't that a bit off topic for the book? I think that should go in the "Bugs & Feature requests" section. Also, it might be better to number it in an easy to read fashion because constantly reading essays takes a bit of time for developers.

1. APK for android 2.2 and up.

2. Android can only detect 2 buttons. I did not know this. I heard people have no problem playing Zelda Ocarina of Time on their Android with emulators and it is a 3D game. I don't use roms though, so I don't know. Maybe the emulators you tried need some work.

3. If Christopho and his team make an android export, then they will probably make the buttons customizable. There are many free buttons at I think someone else made the android port though and it needs to be updated.

I honestly think that Christopho is concentrating on an export distribution for Solarus PC though and not really on an android apk export yet. Although, this is my opinion on what I heard, asked, and read on the forum. You should drop the question at the "Bugs & Feature requests" section.

I set this up. Anyone can suggest just by typing it. No sign in required.

Not much is there yet, but I will be adding stuff there as I teach my waifu. There is a bunch of free resources I collected though.

Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

Your right Zutokaza about telling that talking about APK is out of context. Ive notice that ive forgot to mention about it is out of content, before mentioning about it.

I have looked to your link, the chapters with sub section you have writen is real nice  :D. I could put it in the free pdf guide i'm creating. Me what i think is explain also where to download the Solarus (from the official site of course). Indicate to download after the resource pack ALTTP from Solarus. Then explain a bit at start the Solarus (exploring the menus), explaining things of it; what it does mean. Explaining when some tiles is clicked (right click) if it is some wall, water, etc. Explaining the layers (seem a little like the Rpg Maker 2003 if i'm correct?). Briefly really the basics with the basics.

After explaining how to create a map, putting the player caracter on it. Explaining from one point going on an other map. Really the basics (no treasure, no npc, no ennemies at this time). Progressing step by step, by making the reader make some exercises with explications. Trough the pages, getting more serious (items, chess, switch's, ennemy's, hud's, etc). Like i say my intensions is to make some beginners (knowing how to use a computer and softwares) progress slowly but effectively. As some child begin to crawl before walking. I want to give anyones interest in the Solarus Game Engine and mostly the Editor.