Id like to create book to help beginners about solarus editor

Started by 20degree, September 06, 2015, 06:35:39 PM

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I have just figure out how to make the hero step on some stairs entity and go to a lower or higher level.

Boy i feel so tiny in my short, this because when ive put the stairs entity i did not choose the option (platform stairs (same on map)) lolll. I have more choosed the option (straight) and got an error message about some teleporter. Ive done a page of the book about these stairs that go on a lower or higher layer.

I must then figure out how to make the player step-on some stairs and teleport on some place. Dont know how to program this?


Ive updated the pdf file on, on page 14 it explain how to create your own logo for the Solarus Quest Player. On page 15 it explain how to make your hero go up and down of some stairs in the same map. On page 16 explain how to create some rotating stairs and explain how to make the hero be teleported to some destination.

I'm pretty sure the explications are real simple, even so i wonder what peoples think about it? There is much more i need to understand about Solarus.

Thank's to Christopho for accepting that i do printscreens of the Solarus, thank's Zefk for helping me with this project, thank's Diarandor also for your tips; and thank's to the peoples help.


Here are things that id like to understand to do, i try to understand by seeing the videos and reading things about LUA even looking at the data of Solarus DX; cant seem to figure it out.

How to make hitted crystal that make some crystals blocks activated on other map, or crystal blocks activated on a same map but there state dont change by going on some other map; until the crystal hitted again. How to make communicate some crystals that can be hit like if a crystal is hit and turn to red or blue, then the crystal switch on some other map can be also the same color as red or blue.

How to make your hero open a treasure to find a bow and other treasure to find arrows on some map, then go on an other map to shoot some target across some fall down floor; that when the arrow hit the target it make apear some bridge to walk on.

How to make the hero have the treasure that make him have some equipment that can create some rope between two hooks, with between some fall floor; so that the hero can walk on the rope to cross.

How to make the hero have some fire cane, that can shoot some fire to light up some spot to make some passage way.

How to make the hero have some bomb to explode a wall so he can go to the next room.

Thank's for the help!


You are french I believe. If not, then it is clear to understand without knowing the language. This worked in Solarus 1.4.5 for me, but I have not tested it in Solarus 1.5.
Tutorial Create a game with Solarus - E48 Crystal Switches

I have a list that worked for me in 1.4.5 for the ancient Solarus. They have a very high chance of working in 1.5 Solarus. Check this page near the bottom.

P.S. You should probably ask those questions in the development section.

Yes my native language is french, but i write in english because 25% of the world pouplation speak english. Brief to reach more peoples. I have updated the pdf

I have put on page 16 fiew indications to create some rotating stairs that when Link go to, Link rotate and is teleported to an other map. On page 17 i explain how to connect some crystal switchs and crystal blocks, that are on two different maps.

Thank's Zefk for your help. I think you are right i must ask those questions in the section "Development", even if it is things i would like to know to put in the guide.


You are welcome. I am glad to see those older french tutorials are still functioning. I think you should study the Solarus games for more map entity related things. Sometimes the documentation can be confusing until you get used to it.

Thank's for the link to the map entities. If i understand entities are object that the creator put on the map, the thing i wonder like:
if it's possible to replace the word "entity" by the name the creator have givin? Like if id give to the entity the name of "headache", if i could tell:

Here is a link to an image of a map ive created (just in case you check here Zefk):

Also Zefk here is an old image ive created before knowing there is a Solarus website to create Zelda SuperNes style game and other games. Ive always wanted that one day i find some soft to create a Zelda Super Nes game. Thank's to the great talents of Christopho and peoples that help him for this free software. It's an image of an idea ive created of some outside world that the hero go trough finding villages map, dungeon entrance map, etc. (Real basic as Zelda1 from Nes):

Ive put some post in the section "Development" to not be too much out of this project about creating my own book at the link:,754.0.html. Gonna ask more questions there, to be like you say "less out of the title of the post here" The book has advanced on my computer, slowly but surely; not put it on Github for now. Tell me if so far the pdf ive put on Github if the things i explain are easy to understand and to follow?


December 19, 2016, 05:37:12 AM #127 Last Edit: January 05, 2017, 01:39:24 PM by Zefk
This week on my free time I decided to make a stable book: Here

What does everyone think so far?

+I finished chapters 1-9, and 11.

Table of contents:

Reference I: RGB Color Reference

Chapter 1: About Solarus, Basic History, Download Instructions, Shortcuts, and Documentation

Chapter 2: Free Graphics, audio, scripts, and Basic Free License Information

Chapter 3: Moving around the Solarus Editor

Chapter 4: Using the Sprite editor

Chapter 5: Using the Tileset editor

Chapter 6: Very Basic Lua Scripting, Tutorial Point Lua PDF, ways to load script, and lua console

Chapter 7: Setting up dialog and pause

Chapter 8: Displaying an image, opacity, color fill, and font display

Chapter 9: Key press, Mouse press, Image fade, and playing audio

Chapter 11: Map editor

December 22, 2016, 06:19:20 AM #128 Last Edit: January 05, 2017, 01:39:49 PM by Zefk
Book update:

Stable book in progress: Here

What does everyone think so far?

+Added a lot more script basics.
+Blend modes
+Added tables so that the book looks nicer.

Someone could try, in similar fashion to youtubers with RPG Maker MV, to create a small game with Solarus.  It's one thing to create tutorials for Solarus, showing off different examples of what things do.  But maybe creating a small game that walked you through step by step the process of creating a small game might be something users new to Solarus would enjoy and benefit from if they have difficulty making a game or know where and how to start.
My tilesets page can be found here:

Quotemaybe creating a small game that walked you through step by step the process of creating a small game might be something users new to Solarus would enjoy
I plan on having a small mixed quest chapter toward the end, but it will be a strain (for a book) without people at least knowing basic tutorials or knowledge about the Solarus engine.

The chapter will called, "Chapter 15: Make a Chain Quest." The chapter will include a small mixed quest project.

December 30, 2016, 06:55:09 PM #131 Last Edit: April 20, 2017, 08:13:30 AM by Zefk
Stable book in progress: Here

+Chapter 10: Timers and getting coordinates
+Chapter 12: Menus and Window Options
+Chapter 16: Game Design Walkthrough
+Chapter 6: (Added a few more scripting examples)
+Glossary: Game Terms

Stable book in progress: Here

18/19 chapters are mostly done for the book. Only the chain quest chapter (chapter 16) is left.

Scrolling credits for the book. I am making a super simple script based on my name pick script. Still needs a little tweaking. For instance, changing the size of font for one line of text and variable names. (Those will actually be quite easy.)

Some features:
Code ( lua) Select
--The amount of  text to display
local list_box_amount = 7

--The space between each character and box.
name_list.spacing = 14

--use a font list
name_list.font_list = true

--Change characters to show
name_list.hero_name[0] = "Zefk"
name_list.hero_name[1] = "Diarandor"
name_list.hero_name[2] = "Christopho"
name_list.hero_name[3] = "MetalZelda"
name_list.hero_name[4] = "Wrightmat"
name_list.hero_name[5] = "llamazing"
name_list.hero_name[6] = "ffomega"
name_list.hero_name[7] = "None" --This will be my character input script in the future.

--Adjust the x-axis of font pack display for the seven names.
name_list.font_x[0] = 160
name_list.font_x[1] = 150
name_list.font_x[2] = 150
name_list.font_x[3] = 150
name_list.font_x[4] = 150
name_list.font_x[5] = 150
name_list.font_x[6] = 150
name_list.font_x[7] = 157

--Adjust how far down the name list goes.
name_list.font_y_axis = 25

--Change the font package
--Leave it nil to use the Solarus team made bitmap font. (At least in this demo or if you have it in your project.)
--name_list.font = nil
name_list.font = "minecraftia"

--Change font size
name_list.font_size = 6

--Change color. It was set to snow white (Not white 255,255,255, but snow white 255,250,250. Yeah, they are different.)
--Check in of script for some RGB color values.
name_list.color_type = {255,255,255} --139,0,139