Underwater distortion effect possible?

Started by Zeror, August 27, 2015, 03:06:47 PM

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I think that would be your best bet. Honestly, it should be pretty easy with animated tiles and the high layer transparent water overlay. Have you tried it out yet?

I'm experimenting.

Lots needs to be done.
- Water overlay is not animating yet, but it does moves like the forest overlay.
- Tiles needs animation.
- Link is swimming, but can't interact with objects yet.
- And ofcourse Link's sprite needs to be changed to a custom made diving state.

Hmmmm... unless I actually see that in animation, I'd stick with having a high layer with transparent water tiles. So far, I feel that it looks better than that. Maybe when animated that would look better, but I've been experimenting with making Iron Boots and that's what been working for me.

I want to stick to the overlay, because i want to have the high layer for other stuff, like a school of fishes swimming around or airbubbles.

Well, I'm very interested in seeing the final product! Do let us know when you got it animated and how it looks!

I apologize for replying in a 2-years-no-post topic (even though I've been searching for the forum rules but couldn't find anything), but if anyone's still interested by the French document about special effects, then I'd gladly translate it to English.