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Started by polyglot762, August 20, 2015, 07:08:18 PM

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Hi Devs,
Every amount of awesome content and code deserves recognition.
While trying a playthrough of the beta I just thought I would give a shout out for the great work that has been done on this project as of Aug 2015.
The new menu animations are great!
I love the new "run" mode for link.
The menu system using "hot keys" really works for speed runs.
The enemy movement speed really fits with the speed run game design.
I also like the use of the custom entities in the bombs_counter code to create a more original Zelda feel.

The organization of the code in the scripts into libraries is much cleaner and more utilitarian.
The custom objects like the hookshot(though presently suffers from some performance issues.) are great!
Also the ice_rod coded to change the tiles from water to ice blew my mind.
I love how you included the custom transformations into the "rabbit" code in the game_manager.

I also like how the dungeon_manager records in real time where you have explored in the HUD and in the savegame file.
I have downloaded the most recent version and am looking to try another playthough later this week.
Seriously... you all do Awesome Work! Thankyou!

Wow thanks for so great compliments!
Is is true that one of the goals of this game is to give nice examples of scripts.
The ones of ZSDX are old and not so properly organized for historical reasons (there was a time when each enemy, each item, each map was living in its own Lua world ;D)