[SOLVED] Dialogue Box not appearing with a "dialogue not found" error

Started by ffomega, November 01, 2016, 04:47:00 AM

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I have run into an issue with the Youtube tutorial episode 9- Saving the game.

I have downloaded a copy of the resource pack, and have tried recreating your tutorial in this video using both my project as well as the LttP Sample quest.

I started the quest and when I press the D key to try and open the save game dialogue, I get this error:

Error: In on_paused: [string "scripts/game_manager.lua"]:19: bad argument #1 to start_dialog (No such dialog: 'pause.save_question')

The save menu also does not appear but the pausing function still works.

I checked game_manager.lua and the code was correct. 

18. function game:on_paused()
19.     game:start_dialog("pause.save_question")
20. end

I made sure an entry in the dialogue named "pause.save_question" was present.

I have seen other users who have received this error message regarding dialogue that were present in the editor, yet the game can't seem to see them.

I even made sure that all of the scripts were in the right place (since I literally tried recreating this tutorial from a fresh copy of the LttP resource pack that was provided in the video description of episode 9's video.

Has anyone been able to fix this problem?
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It would be easier to troubleshoot if the error given was "language not set" rather than "no such dialog".

Thanks Chris xD

In code, I occaionally tend to overlook the comments since they are not to be used as actual code, and in doing so, overlooked the snippet of code "sol.language.set_language("en")", not thinking that all I needed to do was uncomment it >.<
My tilesets page can be found here: