Request: editable hookshot and editable bow

Started by DementedKirby, July 30, 2015, 07:53:07 PM

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Just as the boomerang has speed and distance parameters, it would be nice to have at least a distance parameter for the hookshot. That way it can be enhanced into the longshot or something similar. I know it was mentioned by Christopho that the hookshot isn't customizable yet. Maybe this can be something for a future version? Something along the lines of hero:start_hookshot(max_distance).

Also, a customizable bow. The engine has the bow shoot an arrow entity. But maybe there could be a selection of entities to choose? At least entities of type "arrow"? That way one could have a bow that shoots regular arrows, silver arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, light arrows, bomb arrows, etc. Maybe there could be a specific entity called "arrow" and it has some variants that can be edited? That way the command could be hero:start_bow(variant) and the variants chosen in the graphics for the arrow sprite. I think that would be awesome. Of course, this wouldn't just be for graphical effects. Since the bow will have variants there could be scripts that call this variant in order to check and reduce for magic when using a magic arrow, or checks for bombs also when using a bomb arrow. The entity could also have scripts that check on it in the case of a fire arrow, ice arrow, light arrow, etc.

The long-term idea is to replace the built-in hookshot and bow by scripted ones. Actually, the only reason why there are a built-in hookshot and a built-in bow is historical. There was no custom entities and no powerful Lua API when they were implemented.

I am currently working on a scripted bow, I will publish it when it works :)

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Yay! A scripted bow will allow for custom arrows! Alright!

I don't mind the built in items (boomerang, bow, hookshot, etc.) because it makes it very easy to program a quest. It's actually appreciated.