Started by vrenna, December 10, 2013, 02:16:07 AM

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Mystery of Solarus DX is amazing. It brings back such wonderful nostalgia, and it honestly even surpasses the original SNES adventure. I played the original so many times before I eventually beat it because the next step was often so ambiguous. The narrative and flow of MoS are perfect, as is the engine itself.

Major kudos to all of the developers, artists, and writers!

Yes, everything is so great~

Yes, I'm also amazed how good this game was. You could possibly have done a little bit better with the storyline and the puzzles (I think there are just too many mazes) but I was really impressed by the professionalism this game has been made with, by the length it has and by the boss fights you have made by your own. I would say it's nearly as good as the original A link to the past.

P. S: How are you getting along with Zelda Mercuris' Chest? I have tried the demo but I had the feeling that some things that were already pretty good in Zelda Mystery of Solarus got worse, for example the combat system is somehow less smooth. And sometimes the game crashes for no reason... But I don't want to critisize too much since it is only a demo version by now. I'm waiting for it to be finished ;)

Right now Mercuris' Chest is not making a lot of progress because we were working on the new quest editor instead. Which should be released tomorrow if everything is okay :)

The demo of Mercuris' Chest is an old demo that was released in 2003 and improved in 2005. It was made with The Games Factory and then Multimedia Fusion, and indeed there are a lot of instabilities and even some crashes. This is actually one of the reasons why I tried to make my own engine in C++ later in 2006. And that is how Solarus was born!