Game Feel in Solarus 1.4

Started by polyglot762, September 26, 2015, 01:33:13 AM

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Hello All,
I have recently encountered the term "game feel" in the following youtube videos.
"Why your game death animation sucks"
"Game Makers Tool kit"
"The art of screenshake"
"The 4 Hour Game Design"
"Juice it or lose it"

The "Juice it or lose it" break out demo clone program is here.

I know there are ways to make some of these type of effects manually in Solarus.
Such as screen shake, and particle effects via sprite art.

Is there a way create these effects without manually editing the sprites with effects?

Or an even better question...
Is there a way we can add these in the code as a manager?


A screen shake would be a good feature too add. Rain would be a good feature too with the option to substitute the water with petals or other things that would fall from above. A companion feature or follow option would be great for NPCs.

Overall, I think Solarus is a great engine.
Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

There is already companion lua code but it takes inserting code into a couple of placed before you can get it to work.
Using the game_manager.lua you put in the companion character code so that the game creates the character each time you change the map. This can be disabled or enabled when ever you want you can even record where you left the companion so that you have to go and get him or something with savegame variables.

I think I might be able to integrate rain and screen shake. Thanks for the Suggestion.
I'll post the results when I have them.