Suggestion: Indestructible destructable objects

Started by DementedKirby, July 26, 2015, 11:32:31 PM

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So far the destructible objects have many features (Cutting the object, Exploding, and Regeneration) in particular. Maybe for the next update there can be an Indestructible feature where when you throw the destructible object, it doesn't break. It just lands on the ground again. It could also be lifted again. I know this could be done with scripting (Diarandor is working on it with even a bouncing feature after landing) but maybe it could be something default for the destructible entity like Exploding, Cutting, and Regeneration is. At least be done in the sense of just landing instead of breaking (and no bouncing).

Also add a level system for the sword and other things. Kinda like the lift level maybe?
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