Have entities be fully intraversable (walls)

Started by DementedKirby, July 25, 2015, 07:47:14 AM

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I'm trying to recreate the giant stone (the one that's 32x32). I was able to do everything adequately (using the script for lifting other stones (the 16x16 ones)). However, since it's an entity with sprite, only 16x16 of it is like a wall and the rest of it the hero will either go above or behind. Is there a way to make sprites be 100% wall-like as if it were a map tile?

Not yet. For now, liftable objects are always 16x16.
Maybe it is possible to workaround that with custom entities and a fully scripted lift action.

Another thing I was thinking of (as a band-aid) is to have dynamic tiles around the 16x16 block that Link "lifts". Is there a way to "deactivate" these dynamic tiles when Link lifts the stone so as to have the illusion of the 32x32 block?

I would create four enemies to make a 32x32 rock and not a dynamic tile .
Each enemy (16x16) have their own lives. Furthermore it is more interesting to play with animations and you can have several layers of sprite that could disappear gradually as the enemy " rock_16x16" loses its life points.