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Started by DementedKirby, July 23, 2015, 04:01:14 AM

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I don't know if this question was answered or not (used the search tool of the forum but to no avail  :-[), but how do I get special characters to appear in the text in dialogues? For example, directional arrows, the Link face, Hylian text, etc.

Thanks in advanced!

There are two ways:
1) Change the dialog script to display additional content. For example, ZSDX shows icons in some dialogs.
2) (easier) If you use a PNG font, put some special images instead of characters. For example, in https://github.com/christopho/solarus-alttp-pack/blob/master/data/fonts/alttp.png, characters { | } are actually replaced by Hylian characters.

Yeah, I'm using the .png you provided in the resources (thanks!) but how do I know which area in the image corresponds to which symbol on the keyboard? That way I can add arrows and the Link face to the font (and maybe some other things) and know what to input in order to see it in the dialogue box.

Characters are ordered as in UTF-8 encoding. The first row is exactly ASCII characters and other rows are characters that use two bytes in UTF-8, like accented characters in French.

See the doc for more details: http://www.solarus-games.org/doc/latest/quest_fonts.html#quest_fonts_bitmap

See this other example with all normal characters present: https://github.com/christopho/solarus/blob/master/sample_quest/data/fonts/8_bit.png

Thanks! That image helped a lot! I can see exactly where everything goes! Thanks!