Game freeze upon map change

Started by Zeror, July 04, 2015, 01:32:24 PM

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I've got a problem with Solarus. When i change maps in a game made with Solarus, then the game freezes for like 2-3 seconds and continues. Or in worst cases it freezes completely and crashes so i have to restart the application. The application also freezes or crashes when i hit the Window close button to close the application.

How to solve this?

We don't have this problem. Can you publish your data so that I can see what is wrong?

I have it with the Solarus DX game as well. So i guess it's not the data that is the problem.

What is your operating system? Which version of Solarus do you use?
Do you have this problem with all kinds of transitions between maps (scrolling, fade-out)?

I'm using the lastest Solarus version, 1.4.2.
I'm using Windows 7 64bit

I'm having the problem with all kind of transitions. It happens only on the first time when visiting a map. The times after it, it goes smooth.
When i close the game it freezes too. Sometimes causing to crash both the game and the Quest Editor.