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Started by mbombe, June 04, 2015, 12:44:27 AM

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through google I found the use of the bone key (nice!). Won't say it here to not spoiler anyone. But how comes this is completely unmentioned in the game? I would have never found the access in that dungeon?! Same for the heart piece there...

Whats the thinking behind this?


It's totally optional and it's on purpose nothing is told in the game, it is some kind of mystery : players said the bone key was useless, others found the reason of the bone key and didn't spoil anything, and it became a sort of legend out of the game about the purpose of the bone key. You will notice there is a reason for everything in the game, including the style of the rooms, so if someone is curious enough, he can find the entrance without help :p

I don't understand about the heart piece, there is only one special item (and again, optional) with the bone key, no heart piece.

Yes it is just an easter egg, and a reference to a famous game :)
But there is no piece of heart there.

It's like Mew in the first Pokemon games  ;)

Quote from: Christopho on June 04, 2015, 08:40:22 AM
But there is no piece of heart there.

In the Dungeon 8, yes there is: Right next to the boss room. I would have missed that...

Yes, but it is absolutely not related to the bone key and is foundable with the cape, and is visible in the walkthroughs (video and written) : :)

Quote from: Renkineko on June 08, 2015, 07:26:37 AM
Yes, but it is absolutely not related to the bone key and is foundable with the cape [...]

Okay, but then I would like to criticize something else: The game should give at least slight hints on this through the telepathic grandma. E.g. "Now that you have the cape, you should re-visit Doungeon XYZ", or after having the bone key "I feel there is something special in one of the later dungeons. Not every wall is as solid as you think"

There are a few more things in the second half of the game where I was expecting Grandma to give hints but she just stopped with the shop remark. E.g. Dungeon No 6 (Inferno) was something I would not have found without the Walkthrough as I was checking under each rock before completing dungeon 5 and even had already all three inferno stones. There was nothing pointing me at revisiting the area at all.

Yes I must have forgotten to add grandma's dialogs after dungeon 5 :-\

I'm not agree about the suggestion to take player by hand. As I said, this part of the game is more like an Easter Egg. I never heard of a game with an Easter Egg and a dialog saying "HEY, DID YOU SEE MY EASTER EGG WINK WINK ?" :p

If you were in an old game with percent completion, without the bone key bonus, you still would have 100% completion in the game if you get all the others things (rupees, upgrades, secret dungeon, etc). If you get the bone key bonus, like old games would have do, you'd get 105 or 110% completion. I think the game is really better like this, but it's just my opinion ^^

By the way, I should also translate the Billy Interview to help people who really want to get the bone key bonus, because the purpose of the Billy Interview is to help people to find the entrance of the secret room =]