HUD Problems

Started by Dark_Link, April 23, 2015, 11:42:48 PM

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Try to rebuild the Engine in Zelda Style. ike in Christophos Tut. Works fine and have a lot of fun, but now in Part 26 Le Hud (can´t wait on the english tut ;D) i have huge problems.
I think the problem is in the Tut, solaris is version 1.1 and i use 1.3.1. I try a lot to fix the changes but it won´t work. I just started with scripting/coding, so i am not the pro. Maybe someone have a good idea how to solve this problem ?

Sorry for my bad English and by the way a huuuuuge THANKS for this cool Projekt. Have a lot of Fun with the Engine and maybe in some Years i can present my first selfmade game..

Solarus 1.2 introduced a few incompatible changes in the Lua API, so there is one obsolete thing in the tutorials about the HUD: the surface:set_transparency_color() call. There is no more set_transparency_color() function. Instead, just use the alpha channel to have transparency, and use surface:clear() to clear a surface.
This is explained in the "Surfaces" part of the migration guide here:
I am pretty sure that this should only incompatibility problem with the HUD tutorials.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer. Works fine . Look forward on your next Tutorials  :)