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Started by hkeeble, March 19, 2015, 06:22:06 PM

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Hi all,

I'm having some issues running a quest via the command line in Windows 8. As I understand it, the Solarus executable simply takes an argument pointing to the root directory (where the data folder can be found) of a quest in order to run. Therefore, from any directory, I assumed the following would work:

C:\Users\user> <Path/To/Solarus/Executable> <Path/To/Quest/Folder>

However in Windows 8, this seems to do nothing (there is not output). The same thing seems to happen if I change to the solarus executable directory, and then run:

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Solarus\solarus> solarus.exe <Path/To/Quest/Folder>

The only way I can get the quest to run is by putting the quest in the same directory has the executable and running:

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Solarus\solarus> solarus.exe .

I want to be able to run Solarus via an external program, which itself launches a cmd instance and passes in the Solarus path followed by a quest path. The only other option that would work would be to run the Solarus executable directly and not through a cmd, passing in the quest path. However as I explained above, the quest will only run when both executable and quest are in the same folder. Is there something I'm missing here?

This is strange, it seems that you are doing the right thing. I am not a windows expert but It works on my machine (Windows XP...). Did you try with slashes or backslashes?

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Found the issue! It doesn't seem to like being passed a path that contains spaces for the quest path.  :)

One quick question (didn't seem worth a whole new topic), is there any way to get console output from Lua in Solarus on Windows? As soon as the application launches, the console awaits a new command (it doesn't seem to 'couple' with the application, as it does in Linux) and any "print" commands from scripts go ignored.

Unfortunately no, unless you recompile Solarus with the appropriate flag. But making the console available on windows without recompiling is planned  for a future release.