build solarus in win7 mingw environment,can't find some dependence sdk for mingw

Started by yangchao, March 15, 2015, 11:17:28 AM

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I will try to build solarus in win7  mingw32_64 environment.
Searching web,I can't find  these dependence  develop libs  for mingw(include and lib,bin): OpenAL, physfs, modplug, ogg, vorbis, vorbisfile 
Could you please  share these  dependence  libs?

As I explain in this topic:,216.0.html
I can't maintain all dependencies on all systems, sorry. I maintain the ones that are hard to find, for the rest, the official websites provide them.

thanks so lot!
I maintain compiled binaries of the libraries that are not easy to find if you don't want to compile them yourself:
You will find there the DLLs of modplug, vorbis and vorbisfile.

In lib directory, there are no   vorbis and vorbisfile lib(.a file ext name),does you have?

.a files are not mandatory with MinGW, you can in fact use directly the .dll files at link time.