When build solarus,where to get some its dependence lib

Started by yangchao, March 08, 2015, 06:09:37 AM

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   I want to build tolarus in windows platform,use  Visual C++. When search dependence lib in web,can't found some windows development lib,such as:modplug, vorbis, vorbisfile.
   Could you please give me above development lib  website or the download link?


Website of vorbis and vorbisfile: http://www.xiph.org/downloads/ (you can download the source here)
For modplug, I maintain a fork of the source code because there is no website as far as I know: https://github.com/christopho/libmodplug

So from the sources you can easily get the .h headers.

I maintain compiled binaries of the libraries that are not easy to find if you don't want to compile them yourself: https://github.com/christopho/solarus/tree/master/libraries/win32
You will find there the DLLs of modplug, vorbis and vorbisfile. But these DLLs were made with the MinGW32 environment, I'm not sure if they work with Visual C++. If they don't, then you will have to compile them yourself :) Modplug is easy to compile, and for vorbis and vorbisfile maybe we can find compiled versions of them somewhere.

thans a lot!

Feel shy had a request,could you please put(commit) all solarus source projects files(source and all dependence files ,MinGW32  or visual c++) to github or somewhere?

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What is versioned is the CMake file, it allows to create a project with any IDE. I tested it with Unix Makefiles and with CodeBlocks.
But I can't maintain all dependencies, this is too much work to keep them up-to-date. So, I maintain the ones that are hard to find :)
Anyway, building with Windows is a nightware, even when you are an expert...