More built-in game actions ?

Started by fosamax, February 25, 2015, 03:56:48 PM

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Could it be possible to allow more built-in game action so that it better fits more gaming style.
I guess those game command could remain unactive in the current implentation of zelda solarus.

Here's what I can think :
"action": Contextual action such as talking, swimming, throwing, etc.
"attack_1": Main attack (using the sword).
"attack_2": Secondary attack (using custom entity ?)
"backstab": Stealth attack
"dodge": Prevent damage
"pause": Pausing or unpausing the game. (real freeze of the game)
"menu": Access or escape last selected menu (may replace current pause)
"map": Direct access to the map
"inventory": Direct access to the inventory
"status": Direct access to the quest's status
"options": Direct access to option menu
"item_1": Using the equipment item placed in slot 1 (see game:get_item_assigned())
"item_2": Using the equipment item placed in slot 2 (see game:get_item_assigned())
"right": Moving to the right.
"left": Moving to the left.
"up": Moving to the top.
"down": Moving to the bottom.
"next": Perform next action
"previous": Perform previous action

"custom1": Perform custom action 1 (scripted)
"custom2": Perform custom action 2 (scripted)
"custom3": Perform custom action 3 (scripted)
"custom4": Perform custom action 4 (scripted)

next and previous could have a different behaviour whether you're inside or outside the menu.

Currently I would like to use the following game command to improve playability on mobile devices :
- menu : access last selected menu (mapped on start button for example)
- map : direct access to the map (mapped on select button for example)
- previous and next : switch between map/inventory/status/option when in menu

I understand adding more built-in game action would require that option menu should be made scrollable to fit the added action (even if all are not made available)

I opened an issue on github.

Thanks !

All those actions are related to sprites damaging enemies or the pause GUI.
The example code in Zelda DX and XD have good examples of this.
The custom buttons are already implemented via the inventory item system.
I.E. Select hookshot to shoot hookshot with "x" or whatever.
You can change the GUI and game menu GUI in the Lua code or the editor.

All it would seem you have to do is program in the keys that create the action you want.

backstab sprites to show that that looks like.