Started by Carter baker, February 19, 2015, 09:41:52 PM

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How would i make a game where i can chop down trees, and gather resources and use them To build a house where ever i want? Or make islands generate in various sizes? Or make it so i can sail my own pirateship? Is any of that possible with this engine and if so what? I am new to scripting and just need some advice on Where to start.

So you want to make a Minecraft-like with Solarus? This is theoretically possible, since the Lua scripting API allows you to create tiles dynamically and to generate quest files including maps.
The first thing I would recommend is to get familiar with the engine and the scripting API, starting with making a simple game. And later think about how to generate things, make the environment modifiable and make a crafting system. All of this should be possible, but complex, you need a solid knowledge of using the engine first.
Start with the video tutorials if you haven't seen them yet:

Thanks for the quick reply, I just wanted to make sure what I was planning was possible before getting too far into making the tileset for it. Anyway it will be closer to a birds eye veiw of terraria than minecraft. I have never scripted before though and Lau is a langauge I have never even heard of. Wish me luck :)