Solarus engine port to GCW Zero

Started by fosamax, September 14, 2013, 11:38:20 AM

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Wow that was fast :)
Which exact version of SDL2 is used? SDL 2.0.0 is known to be buggy, and SDL 2.0.1 works fine on PCs.

Are you in fullscreen when you have the bug?
By default, in windowed mode, the "normal" video mode uses a window size of 640x320 indeed. But this should not impact fullscreen.

Can you try this patch:
This is a commit that vlag did to fix a bug similar to what you describe. (I reverted it for now though because it introduced other problems.).

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Thanks for the fast reply, Christopho ;D

It's SDL 2.0.3. I've just used windowed mode, which is the default. I'll give a new try using fullscreen as soon as I get my device in hands tonight.

Thanks for the tips!

EDIT: it worked on fullscreen  ;)

Hi Christopho!

I'm testing a pre-release of the new GCW-Zero firmware that seems to be working well with SDL2 :)
My question is, what's the best way to fix/force fullscreen mode for that device?

This is good news!

I just opened an issue to force fullscreen mode at compilation time, because this is not currently possible:

I don't know if due SDL2, LuaJIT or both, but now Solarus is running smoother than ever before.

Shin-NIL: is everything working? Did you make the updated package? I would like to upload it to the website. Thanks

Yep, it's working fine forcing fullscreen mode.
I'm still waiting for the new GCW-Zero firmware public release though.

Hello again Christopho!
Good news, the new GCW-Zero firmware with proper SDL2 support was released :D
I've compiled solarus 1.3, but I'm still with the fullscreen problem, any tips or workaround I can use?


Not yet. You can do the change you suggested in a previous post in Video.cpp for now.

Thanks! Great work! I will update the download page.

Question about future releases: can you compile with C++11 on GCW-Zero? (and other devices?)
Because we are working in a separate branch with C++11, improving the quality of the code. I am not sure yet of when I can merge this work into master, it essentially depends on how C++11-compilant compilers are.

I'm not sure, but I think it supports C++11 as the latest toolchain is using gcc 4.9.1.

Thanks again ;D

Sorry for posting in an old thread but i thought it was better than starting a new post.

Shin-Nil hasn't breen active on solarus or dingoonity forums for quite a while now so I was asking myself if you could help me with updating solarus engine on the GCW Zero.

I have zero experience in compiling (without speaking about cross compiling) but have access to a pc dual booting Win7/linux mint.

It should also be noted that lately a GCW simulator was built so you can run native applications for the GCW Zero via QEMU on a computer.
We'd like to announce a new column, written by Dmitry Smagin: "Running GCW Zero applications with QEMU". Now you can try OpenDingux on your computer!

Unfortunately, I doesn't support SDL2 ATM.

I also made little changes to the ZSDX to better reflect GCW zero layout but it needs a little polishing.
Thanks for any help.