Where can I get information???

Started by the bread, January 28, 2015, 09:01:56 PM

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I'm new on Solarus and by now I'm just practising a little. Solarus is great, but I just get stuck at lots of easy parts :(
Right now, I'm having two problems:

The first one is, I just can't figure out, how to display a normal dialogue, just like the one, that shows up, when you pick up a sword or something. How can I achieve this?
I've already searched the Video-Tutorials, the documentation and the source code of Mystery of Solarus but nope, no answer. I'm fine with the standard design but I just can't display a message...

The second one is, that I want to have a hole that teleports you somewhere, but only, if you have killed a particular enemy before.
How does this work? I've already tried giving the teleporter an ID and change the enabled value, like this..
solarus_logo.on_finished = function()
   --here is some other code
    local porter = sol.map:get_entity("dynamic_porter");

function enemy:on_dead()
local porter = sol.map:get_entity("dynamic_porter");

But it just shows up the following error message in error.txt:
Error: In on_finished: [string "main.lua"]:25: attempt to call method 'get_entity' (a nil value)

So it would be very nice *hopeful grin* if anyone could help me with one of these problems, but since I don't want to bother you with basic questions all the time, my major question is:
Is there any other place where I can get more information? A tutorial for the LUA-API or such a thing? The French tutorials probably contain more information, but my French skills end with "Comment tu't appelles?" Everything is so unclear and confusing...
Well then, I hope anyone can help me ;) Please! ;D

There are video tutorials in English now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9mEFmRVlBQ&list=PLzJ4jb-Y0ufwPrBfO5AQMRfe2kLABQsF0
For now there are 7 episodes in English, more will come but the existing ones cover dialogs and map scripts.

Thank you very much, this helped a lot :) I've already watched five episodes and though I usually detest video-tutorials, this one is quite ok. I've already sorted out the dialog-problem and I think that I can solve the other one too. Are you planning to make a textfile-tutorial in English too?

Nice to see that it helps!
Yes there will be a written tutorial in English one day here: http://wiki.solarus-games.org/doku.php?id=tutorial:create_your_2d_game_with_solarus
For now, some written tutorials are available but only in French.