Started by Christopho, August 05, 2013, 02:31:00 PM

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Since the Solarus 1.0 release, several people suggested to create a forum to talk about game development with Solarus, get help, share scripts and game resources.
So that's done! Feel free to make any suggestion.
Welcome everybody!

Yay! Thanks Christopho!

My suggestion: a board for the Solarus engine so we can come up with cool new lua scripts and what-not.

There is already the "Development" board for that. :)
Maybe I should change the description?

I think the description's a bit clearer now - sorry I didn't realize that was there!

Hello !

First of all, I wanted to say a big "Thank you", for the game "Mystery of Solarus" and the Solarus engine, which is really impressive. I have always wanted to make a Zelda fan-game but even though I had the ideas and programming bases, I didn't have the patience to make such a complete and appropriate engine... and maybe with this one, I'll be able to make a game.

I have a question (well, not only one but it'll be easier to ask my next question if I have the answer for this one  ???) : in which section can I ask some help about a Lua script (related to a map) which doesn't work ? I thought it was the "Development" section, but I'm afraid that it's for tutorials only.

The "Development" section is the right place to post your code and ask for help.
Welcome on the forum :)

Well, thanks for the answer and the welcome.  :D