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Hylian Crusade Gameplay Mechanics:

Link and Corona are not silent protagonist. They speak, and who is talking is displayed by a portrait in the Dialogue box. Additionally, there can be choice Dialogues how to respond.

Act I: Corona.

During this act the first player controls Corona, the Crusader of Centy, he can use his Holy sword, but not any specialized Animal powers. His Holy sword does not glow golden. He must battle his way to Kakariko Village and meet Sahashrala. After which he escorts Sahashrala to Hyrule Castle. Malon is introduced. Malon is explained to be the Captain of the Hyrulean Guard,

In Hyrule castle he meets Zelda. NPCs are non-hostile.  but there is a scripted scene where Corona is captured and taken to Hyrule Castle Dungeon. Dialogue between Zelda, Link, and Malon is displayed an Solieyuu appears. After Solieyuu's dialogue is complete, Solieyuu restores Corona's Holy power. Link and Corona must escort Sahashrala back to Kakariko village.

Sahashrala must survive.

Corona and Link are given their respective tasks. If this is a 1 player game, an AI script takes control of Link, and he travels along a waypoint system in a two player game, the second player controls Link. Link and Corona can use keys, and unlock doors, Maps, and Compasses, but all other support items must be used by Link. Link can be instructed to place bombs or preform other support functions, such as playing the Ocarina.

The defeating of a Major boss yeilds an Apple of Life AND a Heart Container for Corona and Link respectively. Additionally, there are items that restore Corona's Animal powers. Bubbles and Anti-faeries can nullify Corona's attack power if his sword collides with one. Monsters will leave behind green ooze when defeated.

Link and Corona must survive all dungeons. Link can use Red/Blue Potions, but Corona can also use Kitty cat power on Link. Corona can still jump, while Link has the Hookshot ability.

Fortuna will appear every other Dungeon to advance the plot, offer purchasable supplies and heal.

There will be a cut scene depicting a conversation between Solieyuu, Fortuna and Ganon.

Link and Corona cooperatively complete the remixed Ancient Stone Tablet Dungeons in the Light World. There is a Cut Scene of General Amon and the Human armies invading the dark world, and Moblin and other monsters fighting back

Link and Corona progress to the Dark world, Corona's powers are handicapped until he secures a Warding Amulet, Link is unaffected by the Dark World Curse because he possesses the Moon Pearl (as the Tower of Hera will be one dungeon Corona must Complete.)

Once remaining Dungeons are complete, There is a cut-scene of Maldra engaging Ganon and being killed. Corona engages Ganon, without Link's partitcipation. but is prevented from killing him by Din and Nayru. Solieyuu appears and the dispute between the Golden goddesses and the gods of Soleil is explained.

Act II: Link

The first player controls Hacey, the second controls Jacey. Hacey has a magic meter that recharges. Jacey swipes with her claws. They steal a Triforce shard from Sheik (Zelda), and must make their way to Hyrule castle with the Shard. They must avoid ambushes by Bandits working for Blind the Theif. They are met by Guards at Hyrule Castle. This is the only section where Hacey and Jacey are Controlled.

A Cut scene happens where Solieyuu makes all the children ill. Link appears on the scene, and threatens Solieyuu. Link engages Solieyuu but cannot damage him. Din, Nayru, and Farore Intervene until Hacey and Jacey surrender to Solieyuu.

A Cut scene occurs where Zelda and Link discuss Solieyuu and Din and Nayru explain the gate to them, the Triforce imparts powers upon Link,  Link uses the gate, he travels to Soleil, he emerges at the gate exit where the gate was under the lake where the gate was in Crusader of Centy. Upon exiting that Dungeon the entire Soleil over world is accessible by Link. In addition, the past Soleil specific Camelia Desert Dungeon is also accessible by Link. The Alternate timeline resulted in it not being destroyed. So that dungeon still exists, and is producing warding Amulets for use in Hyrule.

Link is Player 1

All of the enemies are Humans, with some hostile wild animals. Soleil has ordinary Soleilan guards patrolling, and Shaman that act as magicians. Use of Link's Magic mirror results in Link appearing in the Soleilan Dark world, occupied by the dragons and other monsters from Crusader of centy. Every Prominent location in Light Soleil has an eqquivilent in Dark Soleil.  Dragon villages have more of Hacey and Jacey's Race. Dark World Dhalia Valley has a large Castle in it unique to the Dark world, this Castle houses Mother Monster.

His various Dungeons are Human strong holds, and the various locations from Crusader of Centy are revisited. Link should be able to use his Hookshot for some areas Corona needs to jump with.

Link is captured and Tortured in the Temple in Soleil town, the Shaman draw out Dark Link. who attacks the Soleil Shaman. Dark Link is engaged by Corona and defeated.

Link is back under Player 1's control again, Corona is Player 2, or AI Controlled. Link's health/hearts steadily depete due to the destruction of Dark Link and the damage to his soul. He must recharge it periodically.He must travel to Mother Monsters's castle, and then to Cameilia Desert to get some items needed to access the Palace of Peace where Solieyuu resides.

Link must battle his way up the Tower of Babel defeating Human guards, He is then teleported to the Palace of Peace, where he must make it to the Court yard with the Golden doors. The doors open, and Solieyuu and Fortuna emerge from them. He is told that soon he will become an Angel, and be under Solieyuu's control. Refusing to give in, he engages Solieyuu, again Link seems to be incapable of damaging him,  when Din appears. He relizes the unattainable Afterlife that Solieyuu promises his Human followers, and chooses to make a Wish with the Triforce. The correct wish is to reveal the truth of the false religion Solieyuu is using to control the Humans.