Action-RPG like in Engine001 possible?

Started by Argandos, January 28, 2015, 03:42:32 PM

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Hi, i'm new to this forum and it's software.
First of all, thanks for this nice program, i've tested some features and Solarus is looks very nice  ;)
I was working with GDevelop (until now) and before Engine001. I love to play and make rpg's with maker's and i have gained experience in C++ a bit. Since 1 month i decided to use makers instead of C++. Now i've found solarus. My questions:

I want to make a game with a health & damage system like in a mmorpg. Is this possible in the lua editor?
Is it possible to script in Solarus a Level Up system?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I think it is possible. I don't play MMORPGs a lot but the engine basically only has a notion of life points and you can use it like you want. You can change the maximum level of life points at any moment to implement the level-up feature. In Zelda it corresponds to obtaining a heart container or 4 pieces of hearts, but this is scripted in our Zelda games, not in the engine.

I don't know if you want to use the combat system of the engine or our own one, but with the one of the engine, how the damage work can be customized at several levels.

Hi Christopho and thanks for your fast answer.
Nice to hear that it's possible in Solarus to make that. I will try to work with the engine. I've tested the XD version of the Zelda game to get an overview what can be done with the engine - very good ;)