A little bug (but not too embarrassing)

Started by garsim, September 07, 2013, 08:50:34 AM

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Hello !

I found a little bug in the 1.6.2 version of Mystery of Solarus XD (the one I found on solarus-games this morning).
In the cave with the bomb bag, we can push and pull the statues to obtain it. But when I push a statue on the bomb bag, I obtain it... and the statue follows me until it's blocked by another obstacle. The game can be continued after this bug, so it's not a frustrating one.
I don't know if it's voluntary (in this game, we never know...  ;D) but it's a little strange.

Yes, I confirm it is a bug. I entered it in the bug tracker: https://github.com/christopho/solarus/issues/284
Thanks for the report