The Labors of Zeldo

Started by ZeldoGames, February 29, 2024, 05:10:38 PM

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Hello everyone !

It's been a while since I last embarked on a new project... but here I am today, back with a finished project this time.
Let me introduce you The Labors of Zeldo !

Summary :

A concept more than a game, The Labors of Zeldo offers you the opportunity to explore, like a museum, all the works that the Creator Zeldo never officially released.
Enjoy !

Game System :

In The Labors of Zeldo,you can explore the unreleased projects that ZeldoRetro made using the Solarus Engine. Games, retranscriptions of existing contents or simple tests, ZeldoRetro is offering you to play them in a totally playable and enjoyable version.

Wave 1 - Tower of the Triforce :

This 1st Wave of content is about The Legend of Zelda : Tower of the Triforce, a project made during 2017-2019 and never finished, due to a lack of inspiration, too many ideas and too much ambition.
The wave has several environments with many collectibles to lengthen the playtime, and a lot of development notes, tips and anecdotes to reward the players who collect them all. It is estimated to have a length of 4 to 6 hours.

Screenshots :

As always, thank you for leaving me a comment and your feedback on this new project. If I have to release more waves of content, I will keep you informed on this topic as well, with the updated link, a message presenting the wave, etc.

With that said, enjoy the game everyone ! :D