Importing images higher than 16-bit.

Started by Babaoee, December 31, 2022, 06:15:06 PM

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Hello everyone! I'm new here in this community. I found the Solarus engine a few days ago and saw the potential it had to make a really great game. I've been watching the official tutorials and have found them very helpful. (I'm on my way to making my childhood dream game. LOL.) But my problem is the 16-bit sprite art that Solarus seemingly requires. I love sprite art, but drawing it myself is very difficult. I'm much more experienced in higher resolution art. So I was wondering—is it possible to import high resolution art into Solarus? Or can only 16-bit art be imported?

Thank you for reading, and I would appreciate any help!


Technically, you can use the whole 32-bit color palette for your images, and sprites size have no limitation. However, you must be aware that by default, the game uses a 16*16 pixels collision box for the hero and most entities, so if you want hi-res sprites, you'll need to use Lua scripting to change the entities' size as well as their origin point (which also defines their map coordinates). This includes their sprites too, to keep things aligned.
However, doing so is likely to cause collision bugs, so be careful to stay in multiples of 8 pixels for the collision boxes (sprites don't matter).
Tiles can also be of any size as long as they respect the 8-pixels rule (the editor forces you in this direction anyway).