Ressource pack zelda ALTTP

Started by Sebbas, September 27, 2021, 10:36:32 PM

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the Solarus engine system. I have downloaded the ressource pack of zelda ALTTP on the Solarus site and created my first project.

The problem is, in the ressource pack tilesets i only have a folder for dungeons and a folder called "out" with outside_building / outside_main and outside special.

There is a lot of ALTTP tilesets i do not have for exemple (light world and dark world etc...) am i suppose to have these in the ressource pack? and if no, how can i add the missing ones in my project.


Actually, both worlds are in sorted in across all three tilesets, organized in sections depending on their usage. Feel free to explore them and to learn how it works.

Otherwise, finding and "add[ing files] to the project" or "import[ing] from another poject" isn't that hard, and there are many turorials on how to do this.

So good luck with your project (and feel free to ask if you need help, there will alwys e someone to answer or give you hints).