Forum Password Bug

Started by jasonkhanlar, September 14, 2021, 02:30:02 PM

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Hi! i just registered to the forum, and I changed my password, but firstly I successfully registered with this randomly generated 256 character length password (with spaces and symbols) without any errors at all. It registered fine!

^C.&4[vdSj'Rk/iijxcx"j&F(RNK;A%S|,g]+&b1Pui+*Zr`t(r~2_54hCy +*x_e#PR@rI)eMyHB.VOmz4fb,?ED]4~NPFWedCAsMZ#eB3![h t*tsY zZ.w~i`gP`kfP?m3\8J)J3l45;-OIY4x."^$P2\*0_!_B5_II{\p\jLO:qW$r> mTwMpp-*>A@tKi.[BL2$uY["=A*r]r18Y7tkgX>FN^0JDYx`5>3]]T(A{~-Vi,JB8MLBLWd.\`+

However, when I tried to log in, I could not log in.