Export game to a specific platform?

Started by leon, August 14, 2021, 09:28:06 PM

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Is it possible to export game to a especĂ­fic platform?
For instance:  export in the .exe format instead .solarus?

There's a lot of different platforms, so there are different methods to do what you probably want.
The simplest method for PC (which I think you're targeting since you said exe) is to use the solarus-run.exe. That exe looks for a folder called data in the same folder the exe is in, or a zipped data folder called whatever with a .solarus extension. You can rename the solarus-run.exe file to something like "MyGame.exe" and it'll run the data for your game.

If you want just one file you can pass along for windows, you'd probably need to create an installer. Clicking that would basically just put the solarus-run.exe and data folder somewhere and create a shortcut, so the same thing just a little obfuscated lol. I don't know how to do that 'cause it's a little complicated. And I've found that using the other setup seems to work just fine for distributing your game. If you want to look at a game I have on itch.io that uses this, you could look at Yarntown:


thanks  for  your answer!

So, the .solarus format is kind of rom file? Like the  .smg format for mega drive emulators?

I'm not super familiar with Mega Drive but I think so, yeah!

The Solarus launcher will display and allow you to launch and play various .solarus files, so maybe thinking of it like a rom file isn't too far off : )

Except secretly, it's just a compressed file with everything unencrypted, and it's easy to get inside and see what's going on haha