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Minish Cap Maps in Solarus

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I have began making the Minish Cap maps in solarus so they are available as resourses for the community.

Here is my progress on some areas:

Main Town - (like 75% done i guess)

Anyway If anyone wants to help just say so. You can your own area to work on. I am currently working on hyrule fields and minish woods.

Good job! This will help a lot for ppl looking to make similar games as they can see the original example.

You are awesome!

Just a picture of my progress on hyrule fields  ;D.

Anyone wants to help remaking all of the Minish Cap Maps in Solarus?

If you want you can get your own area to work on. I am currently working on finishing hyrule fields, houses in the main town and Minish Woods.

I dont know to make a Github project, but its what you guys use for group projects right?  ???

Are you going to release a resource pack for the MC? The last resource pack from the website has not been updated for the last 6 years


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