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Started by llamazing, January 22, 2021, 07:52:25 PM

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The Quest Log Menu shows a list of main & side-quests, tracking their current progress and status. Also featured by Ocean's Heart.

See the wiki page for documentation and examples.

Feel free to open an issue for feature requests, bug reports, or assistance in how to write/construct a particular quest log entry.

The repo files include a playable short demo that showcases various features that are possible (a mini-dungeon with different side-quests in each room).

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Question: wouldn't it be better to put this in the "Your scripts" section instead :-\ ? Because i think this one is for actual games/softwares

Anyway, thanks for your effort in having contributed to the very first commercial project on Solarus :D

This project includes a fully playable demo map, so it kinda is an actual game (just very short). So it's in this hybrid grey-zone of being both a collection of scripts and playable game.

Or maybe we can consider completed full libraries that got in actual finished games as actual projects?  :P ::)

If the section were only for actual games then it should be called "Games" and not "Projects".

I've been working on this project since 2018, so it is a major project (and have you seen how extensive the documentation is? That's the real project where I've spent the majority of my time). I'm not sure why you are trying to belittle it?

Even a single script, a sprite or sound effect can be a project. Maybe project was intended to mean game but I don't think there are any rules about. I might put my big project in scripts but it has no auto/visual component at all, its entirely scripts.

Actually one of my main comments about the project actually might not work depending on the amount of display work the library does. Have you considered making the number/names of menus configurable? To use a The Legend of Zelda example, could I set up "Main Quests", "Side Quests", "Shrine Quests" and "Memories"? Is there a way to do that?

The names of the tabs come from strings.dat and thus are configurable.

The number of tabs is flexible too, but I believe at the moment the data format only supports two types (main and side). The biggest problem with having more than two tabs is screen real-estate, which consumes the precious space available for the rest of the interface (would be a different story if the game were 1920x1080 resolution).

There's also a set of events for side/main quests, and adding new tab types would mean more events are needed as well.

If you need more tabs types for your game then create an issue in the gitlab project and include mock-up screenshots and describe the use-cases for the additional tabs.