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Hey everyone, long time fan, first time poster...

I was wondering if there has ever been a tileset or resource set to make a world map in Solarus? (In the sense of what you see in other RPGs like Final Fantasy on SNES for example, not talking about the overworld in Zelda games.) Or even if anyone has attempted such a thing by adding in some custom tiles?

If you have read this, thank you in advance, and keep on creating! :)

By saying tilesets, what you mean? You mean new tiles right?  ??? Like custom tiles of grass, walls, dirt, water and trees right? That have been done alot of times, but most of what is used in solarus games are original zelda tiles from zelda a link to the past and minish cap.

Max made ocean heart which is all custom tiles and I make custom tiles too in that i draw myself. Like these:

Lots of games on solarus have custom tiles. If you want you can get into pixel art yourself, there are lots of good guides on youtube. I prefer to draw in, but lots use gimp for drawing.

I think the question is about making a world map like this one using tiles in the map editor:

While doing such a thing is possible, it doesn't really work to render the map in-game because only one map can be active at a time (which is the map that the player is currently on). What you can do is create the map in the map editor then export it as an image and then use that image as the basis for the world map.

I think they're actually talking about like this attached image, like Final Fantasy or Zelda 2, where you walk around the overworld.

Nobody's made a tileset like that as far as I know yet, but it'd be really easy. There are tiles for what Llamazing posted, which would work to make the same thing I imagine

ahhh, i am bad at english too, but yeah i can sort of see it now :)

Yeah you can create those styles of maps in solarus i think.

thx for sounds advice max, btw!


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